It's how you'll feel knowing you have a boatload of information about your shipments, orders, and transportation spend right at your fingertips.

WorldScope is a supply chain visibility platform that aggregates and normalizes data from multiple carriers into one, easy-to-navigate system. 

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Integrations with All Major Carriers

View booked, in-gated, in air, & on water activity on one dashboard

Providing shippers with visibility from origin through delivery

Regardless of country of origin, volume of vendors or booking frequency,  WorldScope presents information simply and in real-time,
allowing shippers to make critical decisions and avert potential risks. 

Hot Shipments and Alerts
Tag Hot Shipments
Customize thresholds and alerts that make sense for your business. Manage by the exceptions you define.
Vessel Tracking GPS
Vessel Tracking
View real-time vessel positions with on-board GPS tracking and visual representation on our main dashboard.
Customs Dashboard
Customs Dashboard
Manage Customs entries more effectively with all shipping documents in one place. Easily view, download, & share.
Configure by User
Configure by User
Dashboard is configurable by user and filters are stored for future visits. Your in-house admin user has authority in house to set user profiles.

Key Features

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1. Easily search

 for specific containers, POs, or shipments

2. Filter shipments
 by destination and/or mode

3. Track Imports and Exports

 in the same system

4. Mark important shipments "HOT"

 for an At-A-Glance view as soon as you sign on

5. See when the Last Free Day (LFD)

 is approaching and take action to avoid demurrage and detention fees

6. Get alerts for exceptions

 and when delivery dates change so you can spot delays right away

Analytics Dashboard: A New Look at Supply Chain Performance

Get access to real-time insights and custom reports to help with critical decision making

Flexible filters allow for macro or micro analysis, making it easy to understand how your business is performing, identify potential
risks, and see how your logistics dollars are being spent.

Inbound-Container-Forecast-Icon-126x126 (1)
Inbound Container Forecast
Predict seasonal changes in volume and provide more accurate forecasts to your supply chain partners.
Transit-Time-Analysis-Icon-126x126 (1)
Transit Time Analysis
Visualize estimated transit times by lane so you can better predict when shipments will arrive and identify holdups or problem areas.
Equipment Utilization
See your equipment utilization by container size or by mode, and easily filter by origin, destination, or departure date.
transportation-Spend-Analysis-Icon-126x126 (1)
Freight Spend Analysis
Better understand your overall transportation spend and average cost per container. Break down charges by lane to get a high-level view of where you’re spending the most.
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Customs Dashboard: All Customs Updates in One Place

Easily manage Customs entries & documents in a centralized dashboard 

View active entries, track ISF Filing Status, easily see which shipments are missing documentation, and track if shipments cleared Customs. 



Frequently Asked Questions

Can we see the detail behind the Finance Analytics Widget so we can automate our landed costing and financial analytics?
Yes. You can run a report and have it automatically sent to you once a month to give you shipment cost component detail from our Report Module.
Can we easily access our shipment documents including invoices?
Yes. You can download them right from the House Bill page when looking at a single shipment or you can batch download them from our Document Module.
Where can I see any issues that need to be addressed to clear my shipment quickly?
You can go into our Customs Dashboard which is set up specifically to categorize issues like missing documents or information. You can upload missing documents directly from the dashboard or access the last email asking for additional information and respond from there.
Can I see where my containers are today even where they are on the rail?

Yes, you can drill into any container and see a list of the events and information we get from the carriers and the rail providers.

I spend a lot of time filtering data to send reports to my customers for their export shipments. Does WorldScope let us send reports to them directly even if we don’t want to give them access to the system?
Yes, WorldScope can create reports filtered by consignee and email them to anyone outside of the system you want to.
Can we control what people can see when they log into WorldScope?
Yes, we can restrict access to financial information and reporting, hide all documents or let users only see specific documents – like Packing Lists for your warehouse people.

Designed with You in Mind

Built by Logisticians for Logisticians to help you grow & scale

We understand how important it is for you to have access to transparent and consistent information about your supply chain, so we've heavily invested in this technology and the dedicated team who makes it possible.

WorldScope is different from other tracking and supply chain visibility technologies in that we aren't a third party technology company, we are logisticians with years of experience moving freight. We've been in our your shoes and seen it all - from the Carrier side, the logisticians, the buyer/planners, and the end customers.

We built WorldScope with customization in mind so that each team in the supply chain can easily see what matters to them in a meaningful way — all on one platform.

From the Team Who Built It

Hear from our leadership on how WorldScope helps shippers achieve more with greater visibility.

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Predictive Planning for Uncertain Times

With supply chains more unpredictable than ever before, it is imperative that shippers have the ability to accurately forecast freight volumes, track their shipments, manage risk, and provide timely information to their organizations and customers. 

"Whether it's pizzas or packages, real-time visibility is no longer a value-add, it is an expectation."

Shippers who cannot do this can face lost sales, penalties, chargebacks, damaged relationships and even costly inventory imbalances.

WorldScope and WorldScope+ Purchase Order Management deliver effective container management and predictive supply chain planning for shippers. Download our whitepaper to learn more about how these systems can help shippers better manage their supply chains. 

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