Fastest Way from Vietnam to the USA

Set sail with our exclusive new Sun Chief Express Service from Vietnam to Seattle

Select shippers can now take advantage of our direct, express shuttle service — departing
fortnightly from Vietnam and arriving in Seattle in as little as 16 days.

We are proud to offer the fastest ocean freight service from Vietnam to the US

100% Transit Time Performance

Space & Equipment Guaranteed

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Our #1 priority is to provide the fastest overall transit in the market today.

Fastest transit in the market from
Vietnam to the US - 16 days from Haiphong, 19 days from Ho Chi Minh


Factory to Warehouse
in as little as 20 days


Priority berthing at both
origin and destination


Fixed rates. Fixed space. Preset equipment allocations. Or your money back.

Guaranteed contractual
allocations per voyage


Dedicated, closed-loop
equipment pool with
6,000+ containers


New, fast, eco-friendly,
2,500+ TEU vessels


100% Transit Time Performance

No “Blank Sailings” - Schedules
published 9 months in advance with
2 sailings per month


12-24 month contracts with
fixed ocean freight base rate -
No “Premium Surcharges”


Dedicated empty equipment
at origin for suppliers

Guaranteed Allocations

Yes, guaranteed equipment and allocations per sailing through formal Block Space Agreements (BSAs).

Fastest Transit Times

Just 16 days from Haiphong and 19 days from Ho Chi Minh — Use our express service for the fastest transit times from Vietnam

Strategic Origins

Choose from two centrally located terminals near suppliers in Vietnam, providing lower cost drayage and easy access to empty equipment

Expedited Berthing

This service includes expedited berthing at Seattle's T30 terminal, with 24-36 hours from berth to discharge.

Sun Chief Sailing Schedule

View scheduled sailings

See when our ships are on the move. Easily view ETAs, ETDs, Cut-Off Dates and other important information in our convenient sailing schedule.

Reliable Equipment & Capacity


  • Direct, express capacity between Vietnam and Seattle

  • Fastest transit from Vietnam to the United States in today's market — 16 days from Haiphong, 19 days from Ho Chi Minh

  • Dedicated, bi-weekly service

  • Get your freight from Seattle fast with priority berthing and peel piles at T30 Terminal

  • Fixed, guaranteed allocations per sailing and long term contract pricing available

  • 300,000 sq. ft. of prime distribution and transload space in Seattle to support the service



  • New, fast, eco ships
  • Average size: 2,500+ TEUs
  • Average age: < 2 years
  • Wholly owned by Swire


  • 6,000+ brand new containers
  • 40' HQ & 20' already in the rotation
  • Closed loop pool between Vietnam
    and Seattle


  • Dedicated, fortnightly service
  • 2 sailings per month
  • Fixed HCM departure every other Saturday for optimal late week cut-off
  • Fixed HPH departure every other Tuesday morning

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Express Connections

Supplemental feeder services at origin and destination

In addition to our primary Vietnam to Seattle service, UWL can explore supplemental feeder services for high volume clients which connect to our main Sun Chief line via our partner network.

Phnom Penh Feeder Service


Dedicated service linking Phnom Penh​ to Ho Chi Minh for quick transit to Seattle. This is a great cost- and time-saving alternative to overland cross-border transit.


  • Fastest transit time from Cambodia to the US West Coast at 25 days​

  • Equipment pool and capacity in Cambodia​

  • Guaranteed Sunday barge to connect to the following Saturday HCM departure ​

  • Transit time between PNH and HCM is only 18-24 hours​

  • 1 day cut-off
Laem Chabang Feeder Service


We offer coastal barge service via our partner network connecting Laem Chabang to our call in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam providing fast and efficient transit from Thailand to Seattle.


  • Laem Chabang to the Pacific Northwest in as little as 27 days

  • Equipment pool and capacity in Thailand​

  • Barge service connecting to Saturday Ho Chi Minh departure ​

  • Transit time between LCB and HCM is only 24-48 hours​

  • 2 day cut-off prior to departure
Vancouver Feeder Service


Take advantage of our dedicated transshipment service from Seattle to Vancouver's Fraser Surrey Docks (FSD) via Swire's Westwood Shipping Lines.


  • Leading transit time from Vietnam to Vancouver via Seattle in as little as 27 days

  • Quick berthing & container discharge at FSD – No Delays!​

  • Empty returns at FSD​

  • Transit time between T30 and FSD is only 2 days

Swire + UWL

The first dedicated ocean service by an NVOCC in the trade

We are incredibly excited to introduce something completely new and revolutionary to the trade at a time when the market needs it most – UWL is contracting with Swire to launch the first ever dedicated ocean service by an NVOCC in the TP trade.

Our goal is to support underserviced trades with dedicated, express, premium services that add reliable, guaranteed capacity to the trade.

This solution represents a true collaboration between industry pioneers, Swire and UWL, steeped in history, to create something entirely new and innovative in the market today. 

Our Team

 Meet the Sun Chief Operations Team

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Duncan Wright



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Rufus Frere-Smith


Regional Head of Americas

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Evan Hartman


Vice President
International Operations



Harry Stones


Line Manager

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Michael Van Hagen


Senior Vice President
Supply Chain

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Chris Krawczyk


Vice President
National Sales

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Lincoln Pei


Vice President



Al Quiming


Vice President
Carrier Management

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Maisie Rotuno, LCB


Business Process & Training

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Shannon Dillinger


International Services
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